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A Brazilian Illustrator and Comic Book Artist, who currently accumulates plants in Fortaleza/CE. Graduated in Journalism, works with illustration and comic books since 2014. An admirer of Women, Coloring and LGBT Comic. Wanted to be Jenny Sparks, while she is still not there, is tweeting silly things on Twitter. Her favorite colors are Lavender and Flamingo. Always available to chat, while drink cheap wine. You can find her on the e-mail: [email protected]

Renata Nolasco, 24,
é formada em Comunicação Social (Jornalismo).

Works with illustration and comic book since 2014, first publication was on the Zine “Grrrls to The Front: Manifesto Riot Girl Ilustrado” at Fertival Internacional de Quadrinhos (FIQ) in 2015. Since then, released “Ei, Por que não existem grandes quadrinhos feitos por mulheres?” (2016), “Eu não sou bonita” (2017) and “A Árvore da Bruxa” (2018). Also is the author of “Minas para Colorir” (2017) and the comic books “Silêncio=Morte” (2017) and “Só Ana” (2018).

In 2017, illustrated “A Samurai: Primeira Batalha” by Mylle Silva and made part of collection “Amor em Quadrinhos” organized by Milena Azevedo, with the story “Amor é Melodia”.

In 2019, made part of the collection “Histórias Quentinhas Sobre Sair do Armário”, with “Meias da Sorte” organized by Ellie Irineu and the collection “Mulheres & Quadrinhos” organized by Skipt Editora. Also, released the shortcomics “Broken When Not Held” and “O Fantasma do Fandom”. In addition was part of the collective “Revista Farpas” from 2014 to 2015 and was the dragrammer of the first edition.

Founding member of “Colabe: Clube de Adesivos“, which aims to spread the work of  women independent artists.

Her work was exposed in the brazilian tour of the russian feminist group “Pussy Riot”. And took part in “Mulheres no Resquadro”(SP), [Des]enquadradas (CE), FIQ (BH), FLIQ (RN). Among your costumers, are SOS Amazônia, Fundação Futura, Companhia Record, LOLja, Eu Vejo Flores em Você and others.

Nowadays, is working in my next Comic Book, Lapso.


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Fortaleza, CE. Brasil.
[email protected]
+55 84 9 8848-4770

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